Dictionary of Frequently-Used Taiwan Minnan

Dictionary of Frequently-Used Taiwan Minnan is the first government-compiled Taiwan Minnan dictionary. Its first (trial) edition appeared in October, 2008 and underwent several revisions—based on the suggestions of users from all walks of life—before the revised edition was published in July, 2011.

This dictionary contains mainly words (and in some cases, expressions/idioms) which are commonly employed in daily lives of primary and junior high school students, totaling approximately 14,000 in number. The basic principle for the selection of words/expressions is as follows: Top priority is given to words which show morphological characteristics specific to Taiwan Minnan. Words which help substantially with the teaching of Taiwan Minnan, that is, common to both Mandarin Chinese and Taiwan Minnan and are already included in other dictionaries are included in this dictionary. Also included are buzzwords, cultural words, as well as words with special pronunciation or confusing/misleading forms.

The dictionary offers information about character, pronunciation, mandarin translation, synonyms, antonyms, and the like. Example sentences and phrases are also provided to facilitate learning and comprehension. Part of the entries are accompanied with pictures for illustration. Users can also find abundant useful information in the Appendix. Those who are not familiar with the characters and/or Romanization can look up the items through their corresponding Mandarin words.